Elvis Lives (and so does Lou Reed)

Category : Blog Archive Dec 3rd, 2008

Slate reviews Elvis Costello’s talk show, Spectacle: Elvis Costello with… . I wish I had the Sundance Channel.

At the far end of the title’s ellipsis, we find such music-world luminaries as Elton John, Tony Bennett, James Taylor, and Smokey Robinson. All in all, it is a group that invites cuddling, if you make exceptions for the likes of Lou Reed, who turns up as always with his skin looking like papyrus and his wit seeming drier yet.

Which begs the question: why did I think Lou Reed was dead?

I am ashamed of myself and will be spending the rest of the morning on iTunes. I look forward to reviewing Reed’s 2007 album, Hudson River Wind Meditations, a CD of ambient meditation music. Should be an interesting comparison with Metal Machine Music.