Weekly Soundtrack 1/31

Category : Blog Archive Jan 31st, 2009

I’m experimenting with the new widget that allows me to embed an iLike playlist into Good Noise. The first weekly soundtrack went up last weekend; my hope is to generate a new one every weekend. I think you need a Rhapsody subscription to listen to more than a clip.

It’s a daily habit of mine to listen to one piece of music I’ve never heard before. (A favorite blog, Said the Gramophone has been very helpful with that.) The only connecting thread between the songs on this week’s soundtrack is that they are recent discoveries.

With one exception: John Gorka’s “Good Noise.” This song is a personal anthem and one of the many intertextual references in the title of this blog (some of the others being Alex Ross’s The Rest is Noise and the somewhat obsolete definition of the word “noise” as “gossip” or “to talk much or publicly” or “extraneous, irrelevant, or meaningless facts”). Maybe I’ll leave it up like a theme song?