Distracting Trumpet II

Category : Blog Archive May 3rd, 2009

My web traffic has more than doubled since I posted Family Guy‘s “distracting trumpet” bit. It seems that many people are curious to know more, and my obligations as a musicologist are to the people! (Okay, okay, and I’m making a blatant attempt to attract new readers to Good Noise in order to boost my blogger ego.)

First of all, the song that the cartoon trumpet player eventually breaks into is called “Feels So Good,” written by Chuck Mangione. Mangione is a jazz musician who plays trumpet and flugelhorn and a graduate of the Eastman School of Music. “Feels So Good” was the title track on his 1977 album; an edited version of the song (the original was over ten minutes long) was a mega-hit as an instrumental jazz-pop single. According to Mangione’s official website, Current Biography has called the number “the most recognized melody since the Beatles’ ‘Michelle.'” Here’s Chuck:

As for the other part of the joke, I assumed that it was the entire genre of mob movies being spoofed. Perhaps a reader can correct me, but the only production I have been able to find actually including both Chazz Palminteri and Paul Sorvino is Gangland: Bullets over Hollywood, a 2005 documentary about American gangster films that I have just added to my Netflix queue.

I hope this tells you everything you need to know.