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Category : Blog Archive Jun 18th, 2009

I hope this title doesn’t stick to Weird Al Yankovic, because I covet it for myself.

At any rate, Weird Al’s new single spoofing The Doors is pretty brilliant:

I’d also like to add to Marc Hirsh’s comment that “In order for [his parodies] to work musically, Yankovic needs to have a reasonably deep understanding of what factors make up somebody’s sound.” It’s not only that, but the videos also reveal an in-depth understanding of his subjects. Like the bit in this video with the Native American dancing followed by scenes of a car accident–a reference to a car accident in the desert Jim Morrison supposedly witnessed at age four, where a family of Native Americans were injured or possibly even killed. This theme was something of an idée fixe in Morrison’s output, so it’s only right that the spoof include a Native American reference, too. Yankovic doesn’t miss a detail.