Stravinsky on the Brain

Category : Blog Archive Sep 4th, 2009

I’m trying to verify a quote from Stravinsky I’ve seen in a few books (not properly soruced, of course) while working on a current research project: “The Three B’s are Bach, Beethoven, and Brown–James Brown.” I would love to prove that he really said this, but I have my doubts. Any leads would be welcome.

I did find an interesting late interview in the New York Review of Books.

NYR: What are your thoughts about the new euthanasia movement, Mr. Stravinsky?

I.S.: First of all, I noticed on their appeals that the two leading promoter organizations share the same building as The New York Review; which, I hope, affords you a little cold comfort now and then. I hope, too, that they are merely passing the hat around, and that the contribution they want is not me . . .