This Post In No Way Endorses a Belief in the Occult

Category : Blog Archive Jan 28th, 2009

Good Noise has ignored for too long a very important piece of musical news: there are plans to make the music video of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” into a jukebox musical, which I think is about the best idea anyone has ever had! It’ll be like Mama Mia!, but with dancing zombies.

But don’t start practicing the moonwalk in anticipation of chorus auditions just yet. John Landis, director of the original fourteen-minute-long video, has potentially thrown a wrench in the works by suing Michael Jackson. The beef is over the 1983 video, which, according to court papers filed in Los Angeles last week, Jackson made a bunch of money off of that he did not share with Landis:

In or about 1983, the parties created a 14-minute motion picture for Michael Jackson’s hit song, “Thriller” (the “Thriller Video”). After a spectacular theatrical premiere, the Thriller Video became a worldwide mega-hit and an iconic pop culture phenomenon that has continued to generate profits for Defendants Optimum Productions and Michael Jackson, who have wrongfully refused to pay or account for such profits to Plantiff.