WikiHow to Play an Instrument

Category : Blog Archive Jan 22nd, 2009

I subscribe to the “How To of the Day” from through my iGoogle homepage, and was curious when earlier this week I was greeted with “How to Switch from Clarinet to Tenor Saxophone” when I fired up my browser. (The article offers such sage advice as “make sure you really want to switch to the tenor saxophone.”)

So I got to wondering what other instruments I could learn to play on Wikihow. (Attentive readers will remember my attempts a few weeks ago to learn music appreciation on Wikihow.) A sampling of favorites:

Cello (of course):
The Cello (also known as the violoncello) is an unusually difficult instrument to play, but it is possible for almost anyone to learn how to play it.
See also: How To Do Vibrato on a Cello

French Horn:
Tip: Empty your spit–usually referred to as water–often from your horn. Any excess buildup can result in loud crackling noises while playing, which can be rather embarrassing in a concert!. See also: How To Become a Virtuoso Hornist and How To Bathe a French Horn.

Conduct an Orchestra
Establish good relationships with your key players: eat out with the concertmaster, watch movies with the principal cellist, play poker with the wind section, etc. See also: How to Play Poker

Rock Out While Playing Guitar:
Do not do any of these tricks if it will mess you up by playing. It’s more important to play the song right then to look energetic while playing it. See also: How To Show Emotion While Performing in a Rock Band.