The Speedo as Opera-Going Attire

Category : Blog Archive May 25th, 2009

The operatic TV commercial project continues–I hope to get this article written in the fall. If you know of any good examples that I haven’t posted yet, please feel free to email them or leave them in the comments section.

Today’s selection features the usual opera stereotypes: the soprano with horns and the “snobby” audience complete with bored/sleeping husband. Like several of the other commercials I’ve posted so far (especially those in the opera and alcohol vein), this one implies that the product being sold is exciting enough to 1.) make even the opera fun and/or 2.) to shock, horrify, or reform the stereotypically snobby or stodgy upper-class operagoer.

I have to say though, this guy’s approach wins the prize so far (though at first I thought maybe he was just arriving to see this new opera):